5th Royal division

The 5th Royal Division, renowned as the grandest and most formidable holdfast regiment to ever grace the battlefield, proudly marches under the command of the esteemed and revered leader, Commander in Chief General Fredricksen. With their sheer numbers and unrivaled prowess, this extraordinary division stands as a living testament to the indomitable spirit of the Empire.

As the largest holdfast regiment in the realm, the 5th Royal Division commands the battlefield with awe-inspiring might. Countless soldiers, like an unstoppable tide, bear the colors of the division, their unwavering loyalty and unyielding determination blending harmoniously with their impeccable discipline and unassailable fortitude.

The Community Occasionally Host events and mini games other than Holdfast and it is very nice and welcoming community

Regiments of the 5th

Col. Krab

The 92nd Gordon Highlanders are the oldest and one of the largest infantry regiments in the 5th Division. It is led by Colonel Krab and was originally founded as the "Queen's Life Regiment" back in December 2021, by General Fredricksen

English Speaking

92nd focuses on winning but at the same time having fun during events. They are very good in melee and are a fun group to play with.

92nd Gordon Highlanders

23rd Royal Welch

The 23rd Welch Fusiliers is the second oldest infantry regiment in the 5th Division, led by Colonel Scottish. Originally was 23rd formed as "King's Royal Fusiliers" back in February 2022 by Skullcrawler and Anvil.
23rd focuses on a fun and more independent player experience, where you can get a combination of seriousness and fun. 23rd is a medium-sized regiment, with very good marksmen, and is also well disciplined.

Col. Scottish

Lt. Hellish

29th King's German Legion

Write your text here...The 29th King's German Legion is a German-British Regiment in the 5th which is incredibly patriotic towards Frederick William III. 29th has a safe and good nuclear sphere that everyone fits in, especially people who love to talk! KGL focuses on shooting and discipline. They use German commands and are ready to die for the Kingdom of Prussia.

Col. Hindenburg

32nd Cornwall's Own

The 32nd Cornwall's Own is one of the largest infantry regiments in the 5th, led by Colonel Kovacs and Lieutenant Robinson. It is a classic British regiment, with its own British commands such as "right turn" instead of "right face". 32nd focuses on firing and formation training. They are very disciplined, giving you a true British-Napoleonic experience at home in the 5th castle and on the battlefield